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Anti Aging Supplements: Premier HGH – Lemon Lime FlavorPremier HGH – Lemon Lime Flavor is a formula of amino acids which stimulates and triggers the pituitary gland in the body to produce HGH Human Growth Hormone.

Our HGH production drops as we age and is responsible for many of the most common signs of growing old, such as wrinkles, gray hair, hair loss, decreased energy, diminished sexual function etc. Studies & publications have shown that raising and maintaining HGH levels is the key to reducing the effects of aging.

Goldshield Premier HGH -Lemon Lime Flavor is an exclusive formulation of amino acids which stimulates your pituitary gland to make more human growth hormone. Many people will experience improved memory, less anxiety and happier moods. Premier HGH – Lemon Lime Flavor can help you feel stronger, improve your sexual prowess and increase your libido. Your hair and skin appearance can improve with Goldshield Premier HGH – Lemon Lime Flavor and your skin may even become smoother with fewer wrinkles.

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Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Ear Perfect – 3
Ear Perfect is a natural, homeopathic supplement system which has offered hope to many chronic tinnitus sufferers. The ingredients contained in Ear Perfect drops and homeopathic pills have been used widely in Europe to treat and relieve tinnitus and the corresponding symptoms of anxiety, headache, insomnia, vertigo and fullness of the ear which may accompany tinnitus. This 90 day supply of Ear Perfect is by far our most popular package. Not only are you able to save but you will also receive free shipping and our book. There is no recurring billing or monthly shipments with this offer.

Improve Your Hearing Naturally…

Finding the Right Hearing Aid Brand

When you look at the various brands of hearing aids, you have to make your decision carefully. As you will find, there are many to choose from that come with different sizes, power capabilities, and options. Before you decide upon a hearing aid, you need to be professionally tested to determine how good your hearing is. In the next few sentences, you will read about some of the top hearing aid models available right now.

The Destiny 1600 is elaborate and spontaneously adjusts itself to your surroundings and the type of sounds you need to heed. It allows you to focus on even faint sounds while keeping out background noise. This makes it a good choice for people who want to hear conversations and other sounds in noisy places. As of this writing, Starkey offers a free trial for their products, but you will have to look into this to make sure it’s still valid. The products designed by Starkey are some of the most well-regarded in the world so they merit further research.

Aids created by Unitron should be pondered if utilizing phone calls and conversations is your primary concern. While chatting on the phone, ClearCall, the company’s patented technology, accommodates various noise levels. These smallish devices can be utilized in a modest manner. When using the phone for personal or business uses these products are wonderfully functional. Unitron aids will let you communicate easily, regardless of your surroundings.

If you’re looking for quality hearing aids, the Octicon company may have something for you. People that listen to music, or watch television, may need to get the Octicon Dual hearing aids which can help this condition. This line of hearing aid uses a technology called Spatial Sound, which allows the two devices to work together to create a single sound, the way hearing naturally occurs. These hearing aids are almost undetectable to other people because they are receiver-in-the-ear by design. Highly effective, attractive, yet low key, Octicon hearing aids are very useful. Before you buy any hearing aid, make sure to shop around as there are many quality hearing aids from an assortment of good companies. You need to be searching for something that fits your particular needs, as well as a brand with a great reputation. Remember to consider fashion and comfort when choosing a hearing aid, all the while looking for something that can help your ability to hear.

ClimateRight dog house air conditioner heater

Climate Right CR-2500 Mini Outdoor Portable Heater and Air Conditioner

ClimateRight dog house air conditioner heater

CR-2500 Mini

Product Description

Why Climate Right? There is nothing like it. This is a deluxe heavy duty outdoor enclosure cooling and heating unit all in one. CR-2500 Mini is specially made for small outdoor enclosures 5 – 350 cubic feet. Measure and multiply L’ x W’ x H’ of your enclosure. This unit heats or cools the tiniest spaces very gently and evenly. Designed specially for dog houses, tear drop trailers, outdoor sleeping enclosures, small enclosed tents, small work sheds, and whatever other uses you can think of! 2-hose air intake/outflow system. Accessory kit included for everything needed for hookup. (Custom assembly may be required depending on your application). Runs on 110v standard electric. Low energy consumption and quiet! Easily programmed by setting unit for heating or cooling mode. (Note: Do not run in Auto mode). Set your desired temperature and fan speed on our digital display. Get the Climate Right for your small outdoor enclosure today!

The CR-2500 is Great For: Dog Houses, Tear Drop Trailers, Tents, Small Sheds and More.

Recommended ApplicationsPet houses, Tear Drop Trailers, Boat Cabins, any small outdoor enclosure
Cooling Capacity2500 btu
Heating Capicity1800 btu
Dehumidifying Capicity 60% RH0.08 gallon/hr
Input power at startup0.50kW
Room Coverage*5-350 cu feet 
Compressor ManufacturerHitachi
ThermostatDigital Display. Set to 61-87 F
Control Panel (included)Digital. See Operating Manual
Unit Dimensions17″L x 14″W x 13″H
Case Dimension (1 ea)22″L x 15″W x 14″H
Hose Dimension
(2 hoses)
3.15″ in Diameter 
Hole Saw Dimension
(1 pc)
3.15″ in Diameter
Couplers Dimension
(2 pcs)
3.15″ in Diameter 
Clamps Dimension
(2 pcs)
3.15″ in Diameter
Mesh Filter Dimension
(1 pc)
3″ x 3″ 
Screws Dimension
(8 pcs)
0.16″ x 0.32″
Foot(4 pcs)  
Drain Mouth(1 pc)0.16″ in Diameter
Weight45lb / 48lb case
Hook Up SystemDual (2) Hose System (air intake/air outflow). Unit sits outside of enclosure. Accessory/Hookup Kit Customized for Wooden Pet Houses
Assembly Kit ** Houses 
Air Filter Nylon NetNoise=56db
Drain Pan includedNo
Recommended Generator 1000W min (800W startup)
Replacement Parts?Yes. Coming Fall 2011
Color Off White 
Operating Manual Included in Box
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Technical Support
Outside lowest temperature 5 Degrees F

* Room Coverage: Results may vary based on ambient air temperature, humidity, R-factor of your enclosure.

  • Many dogs suffer from over exposure to the summer heat causing heat stroke and other health problems.
  • Dogs who have been brought into the home to keep them from the summer heat can now have their freedom by staying outside and keep cool in an A/C dog house. (Likewise, in the winter – it heats).
  • A non-house broken dog may cause damage or create a mess in your house.No need to bring your outdoor dog into your house to protect them from the heat.
  • Have peace of mind your dog will stay cool in the summer heat (or warm in the winter cold).
  • For Pet Houses 5-350 cubic feet (L’ x W’ x H’)
  • 2-Hose Air Intake/Outflow System. Unit sits outside pet house.
  • Assembly Kit / Instructions included

Climate Right is portable therefore flexible in its potential uses. Climate Right can sit outside in the elements – no problem. It weighs 60 pounds. Assembly kit includes 2 hose system and hole cut out system for outdoor dog houses and other structures.

Works great for outdoor pet houses, small sheds, little work spaces, tear drop trailers, boat cabins, toll booths, wine rooms, you name it! Safe and environmentally friendly (uses R410a refrigerant).

NOTE: This unit is NOT “one size fits all”. Size of enclosures, ambient air temperatures and climate conditions may produce results that can vary. Climate Right is meant to improve the conditions of your space – not heat or cool precisely like HVAC household systems.


Climate Right CR-7000 Max Outdoor Portable Heater and Air Conditioner

Climate Right CR-7000 Max Outdoor Portable Heater and Air Conditioner

CR-7000 MAX

Product Description

FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX outside the State of Ohio. In stock and ships immediately.

CR-7000 item is brand new to the market. Made for cooling and heating medium to slightly larger outdoor enclosures than the CR-2500. Ideally heats and cools spaces 350 – 1,200 cubic feet. Measure and multiply L’ x W’ x H’ of your enclosure. This unit heats or cools your outdoor shed, garage, job site trailer, larger RV, tiny house, lake cabin, work space, outside man cave, etc. Note CR-7000 is not suitable for most pet houses. Check out the CR-2500 for pet houses. CR-7000 is 7000/7500 btu. Runs just like the CR-2500 based on a 2-hose air intake/outflow system. Accessory kit included for everything needed for hookup. (Custom assembly may be required based on your application). Runs on 110v standard electric. Modest consumption and quiet! Easily programmed by setting unit for heating or cooling mode, or simply on automatic mode. Then set your desired temperature and fan speed on our digital display. That’s it! Get the Climate Right for your medium sized outdoor enclosure today!

The CR-7000 MAX is Great For: Garages, Man, Caves Job Site Trailers, Outdoor Installations and More.

Different Types Of Cleaning Business

Each type of cleaning business is going to have its own needs and its own problems. Of course, owning a cleaning business does also have many rewards because it is a type of business that is easy to start and it typically has low overhead. What are some of the different types of cleaning businesses that are available and what may you need to consider when you are getting them off the ground?

One of the popular types of cleaning businesses is a home cleaning business. If you operate this type of business, you will want to have the supplies that are necessary which may include anything from a vacuum cleaner to window washing equipment (Source: Window Washing Equipment by Janitorial Supplies Company). Those types of supplies are also going to be needed for a commercial cleaning business but it is likely that your commercial business is going to have more specific needs as well. These may include enmotion paper towel refills if you are responsible for providing them for the companies where you are working. In some cases, you may even be responsible for providing something as unusual as concession stand supplies but those needs are usually spelled out in the terms of the contract.

Even though the supplies that are necessary will be very important for you to have on hand, you need to think about customer service more than anything. Getting your customers what they need in the way of good service is not only going to help you to keep those customers happy, it will help you to expand your business by word-of-mouth advertising.

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Driving Traffic Using Spin Articles

Everyone with a website knows targeted traffic is necessary to increase revenues. There are specific marketing techniques that you can employ to increase your traffic and get you product in front of the right people. Although there are many ways to do this, the most effective method is to write and distribute articles throughout the Internet. By getting your target audience to read your articles, you also create a form for promoting backlinks to your site. Search engines like Google base your site’s ranking on the number of backlinks your site has, along with some other criteria. The more articles you publish, on more sites, the higher number of backlinks you obtain, and this will increase your ranking significantly. For the best results you must publish many articles, and they must be of high quality. So, how do you write a multitude of quality articles with little time and effort? The answer is ‘spin articles’.

Spin-articles are nothing but unique articles that are produced using one original article (called the seed article), where the sentences and the words have 3-4 variations and these variations are randomly rearranged. This allows you to quickly, easily and efficiently generate thousands of unique articles by using only one original article. There are a variety of tools available on the market today that will create spin articles. But the results you get will be highly skewed because these computer-generated spin articles will only have the synonyms replaced. This results in articles that count as being “unique” but that read oddly, almost like gibberish. If you really want to get good quality spin articles, then you have to go for the human written ones. Human-produced spin articles make sense and are correctly written, because a person who understands the language wrote them, not an automatic computer program. Once this spin ready article is produced, you can begin distributing it to various sites and producing thousands of backlinks to your site, which will quickly boost your search engine rankings. You can also use these unique articles on your site to keep it updated and keep the search engine spiders happy. This endeavor does, however, still require time and effort and you must find someone who is a good writer. That doesn’t seem to be a big problem though, because a new article spinning service called is ready to supply you with the content you need. can take care of all your article needs giving you time to do other things. This website operates every day of the week, delivering you excellent, spin ready articles. Their team works for you to write 500+ words original articles that are interesting to read and also pass copyscape. These articles are written on topics related to Internet marketing or Clickbank product reviews. The great number of variations produced by these articles are why they are called ultra spinnable articles. Each paragraph and each sentence of the original article is rewritten 5 times, manually by the team of writers. Each article is then rewritten sentence by sentence five more times. The whole process is three steps long, and can create an astounding variety of 116,415,321,826,934,814,453,125 variations from the basic article. What’s more, you don’t even have to worry about the uniqueness of the articles, as the whole content produced is unique to all members, regardless of the number of spin articles created, because their membership is limited to only 300 members.