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Crosley CR12-DI Digital Bubbler Jukebox & Stand

Crosley’s Digital Bubbler Jukebox is designed expressly for the home with this robust music server featuring not only the latest in computer and audio technology, but combining functionality with form in a truly-reminiscent 1950’s jukebox-style cabinet.


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Nuddle Blanket – Merlot

This Nuddle (nap + cuddle = nuddle) is merlot colored was created to be the most comfortable and functional blanket you’ll ever own. Long enough to cover your body from your neck to your feet, the nuddle is an ultra-plush cuddling blanket that has openings for your arms, an outer pouch to keep hands warm, or the remote control close! Additionally, there is a bottom foot pocket to keep your feet tucked in warm and cozy all year-round! The Nuddle blanket is hands-free, allowing you to read, write, snack, nap, chat…or whatever!


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Lanadil – Science For Your Hair
The Shampoo and Conditioner are scientifically engineered to save and revitalize thinning hair, leaving it thick, full and beautiful. The patented alcohol-free Nano Serum deeply penetrates with nano-encapsulated minoxidil 2% for beautiful hair growth with no irritation. The Best Solution for Thinning, Lackluster Hair Caused by Female Pattern Hair Loss. 


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ELEOTIN Mb Pre-BrewedRecommended for: Weight Loss and Borderline Diabetic.


Eleotin Mb (Metabolic Balancer) works in two primary ways to help an overweight person lose and control their weight:

1. Improves Insulin Sensitivity & Energy Consumption : One of the primary defects created in the metabolism from the vicious cycle of obesity is insulin resistance. That is, over time an overweight person’s insulin becomes less effective in removing blood sugar from the blood stream into the cells. The result is the person adds fat more readily since the glucose in their blood are not processed efficiently. Eleotin Mb revitalizes the process through which blood sugar is converted into energy in the muscle and liver cells. It revitalizes and improves the speed at which insulin binds with our cells. This improved insulin-binding transfers more of the blood sugar energy to their proper destination. Eleotin Mb limits excessive blood sugar from converting into fat or remaining in the blood system to damage the other parts of the body. The more efficient our insulin is at removing blood sugar, the better it is for our body. If we regulate our diet, a higher metabolism will begin to burn off the accumulated body fat in our cells. In this way, Eleotin Mb can be said to improve the body’s metabolism for insulin sensitivity (making it more sensitive) and energy consumption (assists the body to burn more blood sugar).

2. Stimulates Insulin Production : Eleotin Mb also increases the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas. It helps stimulate insulin production in a natural way, unlike hypoglycemic drugs. Eleotin Mb’s insulin secretion stimulation is more gradual and less strong than hypoglycemic drugs. Since it does not put a large strain on the pancreas, the pancreas does not become resistant to Eleotin Mb. Increasing insulin production enables the person to further reduce their blood sugar levels.
Thus, increased insulin secretion and increased insulin sensitivity, work hand in hand to break the vicious cycle of obesity. Remember insulin is a core hormone of our body’s energy metabolism process.


Mix 1 packet of tea with 3 cups of warm (not boiling) water. Stir, then drink or store in the fridge accordingly:

First day
With Breakfast: 1 cup of the White Tea
Between Lunch and Supper: 1 cup of the White Tea
At Bedtime: 1 cup of the White Tea

Second day
With Breakfast: 1 cup of the Grey Tea
Between Lunch and Supper: 1 cup of the Grey Tea
At Bedtime: 1 cup of the Grey Tea

Alternate the color of tea packaging (White or Grey) per day.

    If you are: 

  • A person wishing to loses 10 to 30 pounds recommended to use for 3 to 4 months
  • A person wishing to loses 30 to 50 pounds recommended to use for 6 to 8 months
  • A person wishing to loses more than 50 pounds can expect to achieve result in 8 to 12 months