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Free Affiliate Marketing consultant, why.

Because you get what you pay for and…
I’m not great, just above average:)
I may be recommending services for which I might earn a commission.
I could run you through a complex useless sales funnel and charge for this but I don’t need to and I really dislike inefficient BS.

I hope that sets the tone of our conversation, if we ever do speak. My business partners tell me that I’m brutally direct. Go visit someone else if you’re looking for someone to tell you how brilliant you are or want someone to smoke blown up your skirt. I’m not mean or rude to those I help but neither will I lie to you. None of those options are productive. My motivation is simple and very transparent. I have friends in the affiliate marketing industry that pay me to match them up with new clients. Those I’ve helped have paid as little as a couple hundred dollars one time for a little consulting with a pro to several thousand a month for someone to completely manage the affiliate channel of their business.

What’s the deal?
Here’s the deal…
The recent state level “Amazon Sales Tax Bills” have led Amazon to terminate 10,000′s of US Affiliate Marketing Partners.
These affiliate marketers are looking for merchants to work with to replace their lost earnings.
The timing is good for smaller Nexus state merchants to get into affiliate marketing.

What I will do for you…
I’ll review your site from an affiliate marketers prospective for suitability.
I’ll lead you to one of the premier affiliate networks to work with.
I’ll put you in front of honest people and tools.
I’ll hold your hand through your learning curve.

Our communication will be email only until I’ve reviewed your website. After we have connected, I’ll send you my phone number and we can speak if you wish.
I can also help new and struggling Affiliate Marketers, please note whether you are an Affiliate marketer or Merchant in your reply.


What is an Affiliate Program?

Here is a 25 minute introduction to what Affiliate Marketing is. After you go through this video you will have an idea if Affiliate Marketing is right for you. This is crucial to watch before you even think about launching an affiliate program. While the hype will tell you that affiliate marketing is a quick way to get traffic and sales to your site, like with anything it takes time and education.

Learn the lingo, learn the parts, learn the process, then you can go on to the next step. This video is appropriate for CEOs, Company presidents, CMOs, marketing managers, affiliate managers or whoever at the company has been chosen to develop your affiliate program. Even if you already have an affiliate program, you can benefit from taking the time to watch.

Here’s the link if the video is broken… What is an Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Network that I recommend.

Look around, you can even open a free Affiliate Account to see details of what other merchants are doing.

What is an OPM?
The video below explains the difference between an OPM and an in house AM…
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