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Free Affiliate Marketing consultant, why.

Because you get what you pay for and…
I’m not great, just above average:)
I may be recommending services for which I might earn a commission.
I could run you through a complex useless sales funnel and charge for this but I don’t need to and I really dislike inefficient BS.

I hope that sets the tone of our conversation, if we ever do speak. My business partners tell me that I’m brutally direct. Go visit someone else if you’re looking for someone to tell you how brilliant you are or want someone to smoke blown up your skirt. I’m not mean or rude to those I help but neither will I lie to you. None of those options are productive. My motivation is simple and very transparent. I have friends in the affiliate marketing industry that pay me to match them up with new clients. Those I’ve helped have paid as little as a couple hundred dollars one time for a little consulting with a pro to several thousand a month for someone to completely manage the affiliate channel of their business.

What’s the deal?
Here’s the deal…
The recent state level “Amazon Sales Tax Bills” have led Amazon to terminate 10,000′s of US Affiliate Marketing Partners.
These affiliate marketers are looking for merchants to work with to replace their lost earnings.
The timing is good for smaller Nexus state merchants to get into affiliate marketing.

What I will do for you…
I’ll review your site from an affiliate marketers prospective for suitability.
I’ll lead you to one of the premier affiliate networks to work with.
I’ll put you in front of honest people and tools.
I’ll hold your hand through your learning curve.

Our communication will be email only until I’ve reviewed your website. After we have connected, I’ll send you my phone number and we can speak if you wish.
I can also help new and struggling Affiliate Marketers, please note whether you are an Affiliate marketer or Merchant in your reply.


What is an Affiliate Program?

Here is a 25 minute introduction to what Affiliate Marketing is. After you go through this video you will have an idea if Affiliate Marketing is right for you. This is crucial to watch before you even think about launching an affiliate program. While the hype will tell you that affiliate marketing is a quick way to get traffic and sales to your site, like with anything it takes time and education.

Learn the lingo, learn the parts, learn the process, then you can go on to the next step. This video is appropriate for CEOs, Company presidents, CMOs, marketing managers, affiliate managers or whoever at the company has been chosen to develop your affiliate program. Even if you already have an affiliate program, you can benefit from taking the time to watch.

Here’s the link if the video is broken… What is an Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Network that I recommend.

Look around, you can even open a free Affiliate Account to see details of what other merchants are doing.

What is an OPM?
The video below explains the difference between an OPM and an in house AM…

Request More Information.

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Freelance Writing – Everything About Copywriting

Freelance writing involves writing for money. Freelance writers write content for websites, brochures, reports and eBooks. Copywriters are freelance writers who became specialized in writing text whose purpose is to persuade other people. They write “copy” which refers to writing sales letters.

People who buy unnecessary products make emotional buying decisions. Copywriters use their words to help these people buy products and services. Sometimes, copywriters write political or non-profit promotion materials.

Copy writing mean salesmanship in print and it is both an art and a science. To become a good copywriter you have to master only two areas: human psychology and math. Your knowledge of human psychology will help you target your message carefully to the right prospects. And your basic math knowledge will help you craft profitable offers.

Here’s what you have to know about copywriters and copy-writing:

#1: Copywriters work at home and they have a flexible schedule.

Copywriters usually work a couple of weeks for a project that requires them to create a sales letter of a few thousand works. The sales letter explains the benefits of a product or service. The sole purpose of the sales letter is to sell.

#2: A copywriter can spend 10 hours or more to write a 1000 words ad piece.

These 10 hours are mostly spent researching and determining which are can be the most emotional points of the sales letter. Each ad or sales letter has a structure whose purpose is to take a prospect from his current state of mind and through subsequent steps to guide him or her towards buying the product.

Sales letter do not talk you logically into buying a product. They aim at your emotional side which is your strong side. Most people most of the time make emotional buying decisions and then they rationalize them with logic.

#3: Copyrighting is a well-paid endeavor because one ad can be sent to millions of people.

A top copywriter can easily make $50,000 or more each month. Of course, it takes a while until you establish yourself at this level. It takes a couple of years until you get the required skills and it takes a couple more years until other people know about you.

An income goal of $5,000 per month is an achievable goal for a copywriter with one year of experience. All the information you need to learn to become good at copyrighting can be found online. You just have to search for the resources and collect different inspirational sales letters. There are plenty books on writing that can teach you both beginner and advanced concepts.

#4: Becoming a good copywriter will make you a better parent, colleague and person.

When you write copy, you need to show that you care more about the needs of the buyers than about your own needs. This will teach you how to relate and understand better other people. They will notice it and like you more.

#5: Great copywriters can work one month per year and go around the world for the next 11 months.

I know great copywriters who afford to work one week per month or 1 month per year. They take the rest of the time off and travel all the around the world.

#6: Copyrighting is a good career choice for people who want more freedom and free time in their lives.

It’s a good career choice for people who want to earn a lot of money. He or she wants to become financially free and independently wealthy.

I invite you to learn more about freelance writing and copyrighting. In a couple of short months, you might be able to make more than in your current job. Go right now, pick a few books on writing and engage in a little bit of freelance writing.

buy niche packs for sale

Market research and content creation suck

I got this in an email, yes I signed up and it’s looking pretty good…

This is pretty much the biggest complaint I hear day in and day out
from my subscribers, members, customers and pretty much 99% of
everyone else I talk to in this industry.

* They struggle to find good profitable niches that are not
already dominated by someone else or will actually convert into

* They cannot seem to grasp how to effectively research the
right keywords and domains that get traffic and conversions.

* They cannot write good content that provides “value” and will
actually give readers something to digest.

* Then to top it off, they have no time to do all this and
still manage life.

If you can relate to this at all… even the slightest bit, then you
are going to want to check out this completely free offer from my
good buddy Marc Quarles at…

Yes, it’s an affiliate link, but so what it’s free to look.

What he has put together in my opinion is one of the most
impressive packages of research, content, templates and even niche
action plans that I have seen. He covers all your bases and all you
have to do is take what he gives you and take action with it.

Now, I am sure that you are sitting there and saying…

“Let me be the judge of that!”

Well of course and I can help make it easy for you to do that

Marc is giving away 100% free a niche pack EVERY month!

I am not talking about just one, one time… but one every month at…

Yes, it’s an affiliate link, but so what it’s free to look.

This is packed full of 100% fresh, unique and well written content,
complete research with an action plan of how to attack the niche
and even custom (not cheap or recycled) templates.

It is an extremely good value for the cost of an email address.

But then you say… “What if 500 people all get the same niche pack?”

Well then I say… “So What!”

I can guarantee you that first of all only 5% of the people that
download it will take any action on it. That means only 25 people
will do anything with it and only 20% of them will even know what
they are doing. That now leaves you with only 5 other people that
will do anything worth-while.

That means all you have to do is modify the content (which is very
well written) and put it in your own words to make it unique.. and
BANG you will have a profitable niche site up in no time…

Yes, it is that easy!

Yes, it’s an affiliate link, but so what it’s free to look.

Listen, if you struggle with time or just hate doing this part of
the business (research and writing) then do yourself a big favor
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Even just check out the research and you will learn a great way to
research your own niches.

Check it out at…

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I promise you will find this of great value!

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