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Free Affiliate Marketing consultant, why.

Because you get what you pay for and…
I’m not great, just above average:)
I may be recommending services for which I might earn a commission.
I could run you through a complex useless sales funnel and charge for this but I don’t need to and I really dislike inefficient BS.

I hope that sets the tone of our conversation, if we ever do speak. My business partners tell me that I’m brutally direct. Go visit someone else if you’re looking for someone to tell you how brilliant you are or want someone to smoke blown up your skirt. I’m not mean or rude to those I help but neither will I lie to you. None of those options are productive. My motivation is simple and very transparent. I have friends in the affiliate marketing industry that pay me to match them up with new clients. Those I’ve helped have paid as little as a couple hundred dollars one time for a little consulting with a pro to several thousand a month for someone to completely manage the affiliate channel of their business.

What’s the deal?
Here’s the deal…
The recent state level “Amazon Sales Tax Bills” have led Amazon to terminate 10,000′s of US Affiliate Marketing Partners.
These affiliate marketers are looking for merchants to work with to replace their lost earnings.
The timing is good for smaller Nexus state merchants to get into affiliate marketing.

What I will do for you…
I’ll review your site from an affiliate marketers prospective for suitability.
I’ll lead you to one of the premier affiliate networks to work with.
I’ll put you in front of honest people and tools.
I’ll hold your hand through your learning curve.

Our communication will be email only until I’ve reviewed your website. After we have connected, I’ll send you my phone number and we can speak if you wish.
I can also help new and struggling Affiliate Marketers, please note whether you are an Affiliate marketer or Merchant in your reply.


What is an Affiliate Program?

Here is a 25 minute introduction to what Affiliate Marketing is. After you go through this video you will have an idea if Affiliate Marketing is right for you. This is crucial to watch before you even think about launching an affiliate program. While the hype will tell you that affiliate marketing is a quick way to get traffic and sales to your site, like with anything it takes time and education.

Learn the lingo, learn the parts, learn the process, then you can go on to the next step. This video is appropriate for CEOs, Company presidents, CMOs, marketing managers, affiliate managers or whoever at the company has been chosen to develop your affiliate program. Even if you already have an affiliate program, you can benefit from taking the time to watch.

Here’s the link if the video is broken… What is an Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Network that I recommend.

Look around, you can even open a free Affiliate Account to see details of what other merchants are doing.

What is an OPM?
The video below explains the difference between an OPM and an in house AM…
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Benefits of Using an Executive Search Firm

The common dilemma of many businesses when they look for candidates for a senior or an executive position is that the market is too small. They spend time and money on advertising the vacant position, sorting through the resumes, and conducting interviews but still they are unable to find the best candidate. Often times executive positions must be filled in the shortest possible period. Otherwise, there will be more expense for the company.

Using executive search firms give companies access to a pool of experienced and highly-qualified candidates for top positions. Farming out the staffing process to recruitment firms can save the organization significant amount of time and money. Here are some benefits for getting an executive search firm:

Knowledge and expertise of the market – executive search firms are considered experts in the field of job matching and headhunting. They have a large network of contacts both locally and internationally. They use sophisticated placement methods which makes job matching easy for both company and job seeker. The firm will speed up the hiring process by getting from a pool of competent candidates and submit the candidate for an immediate interview.

Long-term advertisement – employed or not employed your resume will be shared to more than 8000 of the world’s best executive recruiters. This gives the candidate an opportunity to move up to the next level in case there will be an open executive job position.

Outsourced HR – executive search firms conduct HR-related functions like: screening of candidates, personality profiling, skill testing, they also use behavioral interviewing procedures. Notifying and preparing both client and candidate for an interview is also their function. They also bear the responsibility for informing unsuccessful candidates.

Better career strategy – not only these firms help candidates find executive jobs, they also provide candidates with career consultation. They assist candidates create and review their resumes making sure that it is done professionally and that it highlights the candidate’s strong points. They also provide candidates with a variety of research materials that are valuable for their career growth like: webinars, career articles, and online courses.

Intermediary agent – the firm also function as a mediator. They provide assistance with salary negotiations. In the event that the candidate is contentious about company’s offer, the executive search firm will speak with the candidate and explain the company’s offer.

Return of investment – if undecided whether or not to get the service of an executive search firm, here are some questions that can help with the decision-making process:

  • Does your in-house resource have the knowledge, network, and time to fill the vacancy within a specific timeframe?
  • Will there be additional expenses or penalties if the position is not yet filled?
  • What will be the cost for advertising the vacant position?

Another thing that can help decide whether to get an executive search firm is to make a comparison between the costs of outsourcing the recruitment activity versus doing the whole process internally. If there is even one uncertainty in answering any of the questions above, then consider getting an executive search firm.

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The Best Sunless Tanning Choices

Baking in the sun (or in a tanning salon) takes time and can be dangerous, but sunless tanning products offer you a safe and convenient way to get the tanned appearance so many people want. There are several distinct types of products that all work differently, and in this article we’ll be exploring some of the most popular ones. While it’s wise to research products online and read reviews, in some cases you have to try them for yourself to see how they work for you.

One type of sunless tanning are products known as bronzers. You can get creams or lotions that fall into this category, and are good if you want to get a tan right away. You can find bronzers that are also skin conditioners, so aside from being tan, your skin will be moisturized. Washing your face, showering or swimming will, of course, remove the product, which is something you have to remember. This is an appropriate solution for getting a tan for a limited amount of time. It’s like applying make-up for a costume party. Bronzers are also good if you want to quickly see how you look with a tan; then, if you want to look that way long term, you can try a longer lasting product. Getting free samples of sunless tanning products is something that’s not difficult if you know where to look. You may find free samples at a mall or cosmetics store, and it’s even easier to find such offers online. It’s safe to assume that when somebody sends you a sample, their goal is to gain a new paying customer down the road. Whether or not you buy it in the future is entirely up to you, and you can judge for yourself how well it works. In general, companies only offer such samples if they believe that the product is good enough that people will want to keep ordering it. Looking for free trials is a good way to sample sunless tanning products without spending any money.

Start out with a test before applying a sunless tanning product all over your body, as you can never be sure what the result will be. Since your skin is unique and some people have certain allergies or sensitivities, you should stay on the safe side. You can try the product on a small patch of skin in an area that’s not visible, such as your inner wrist, and see what the result is. This will inform you about whether you want to apply it to the rest of your body. Unless you have especially sensitive skin, you’ll find that most of these products are safe and work as they should, but a test is still a good idea.

There’s no excuse today not to have a tan if you want one, and you don’t have to expose yourself to unhealthy risks to do so. Sunless tanning products have come a long way in recent years, and it’s certain you’ll be able to find something that works for you. Whatever products you choose, don’t disregard the recommendations put out by the manufacturer, as this might affect your results and the kind of tan you get.

Helping Your Maintenance Crew

It is likely that you depend upon a variety of individuals who work for your business. Some of them are going to have very specific jobs that will help to keep things running as smoothly as possible while others may have jobs that are quite varied. For example, facilities maintenance personnel may be taking care of something as simple as changing a lightbulb on one day and on the next, they may be working on a large piece of equipment. Because of the diversity of what these crews bring to the table, it is important for you to ensure that everything is operating properly and that they are given the direction that they need. This may call for the use of work order management software, which will help to track all of the specific jobs that they are doing from beginning to end. What are some other things that could be considered to help your maintenance crew get the jobs that need to be done completed on time?

One thing that you may want to consider is having asset management software along with the maintenance software that you are using (Source: asset management software by eMaint). The last thing that you would want to have happen is for the maintenance crew to run out of supplies in the middle of the job. It can be quite a task, however, to visually inspect the supplies and ensure that they are available at all times. By using this software solution, it will be much easier for you to keep track of what is being used and when it is time to purchase what you need.