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3 Bedroom / Offices – Pack Rat
used card board boxes 47 M 20 L & 13 XL Boxes;7 Packing Tapes 12 lbs of Packing Paper 3 Markers 3 Cutters & 1 Tape Gun.

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16inch Tex Tan Temptation Show Saddle 08-1579-23u6
Turn a few heads next time you walk into the ring.~@~@We’re proud to introduce new model of Tex Tan AQHA saddles featuring cutting-edge craftsmanship and design. Temptation’s special features include a center pocket seat_ close contact skirt_ soft fenders and jockeys and three hand engraved sterling silver plated corner plates with black accents. The stirrups_ skirts_ and cantle are fully tooled in a swirling leaf design. Suede seat. Stirrup leathers are pre-twisted. Feel free to enlarge the picture of this beautiful saddle_ but try not to drool on your keyboard. ~@~@~@Tree: 16inch Equi-Tex ~@Rigging: 7/8 double dee ~@Horn Size: 2inch cap_ 2inch high silver ~@Cantle: 4inch ~@Rigging: 7/8 ~@Stirrups: 3inch bell_ hand tooled ~@Swell: 13inch ~@Color: Ultra Lite ~@Silver: Hand Engraved Sterling Silver-plated ~@Weight: Approx 39 lbs 


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Learning Piano Can Be A Positive Experience!

Exciting video game programs which truly trains the gamer in a real-world skill is a rare commodity, at best — especially in the category of music instruction. Computer software games are a huge and burgeoning industry because kids are completely enthralled by them. Wouldn’t the ideal music-learning process integrate music practice software with a fun, interactive gaming engine?

Applications which furnishes consumers with a non-violent choice to mainstream video games, which are simultaneously, compelling, and challenging, could also educate one in musical literacy very efficiently. Such a fusion would have the unique potential to change the normally tedious and repetitive piano practice into an exciting, very satisfying video game experience – finally taking the distastefulness out of each piano practice — forever.

Using computer games to make practicing piano enjoyable would resolve several challenges. Fathers and mothers wouldn’t feel the need to badger their children to practice (they probably will have the opposite challenge – they may have to nag their children to STOP practicing). Music instructors need not fear whether their students will actually practice before their next lesson. On the students’ side, the shear numbers of people to which learning the piano could be made reachable would be expanded tremendously. And, perhaps first and foremost, music students will associate fun and attainment with the piano instead of anguish and frustration.

Allegro Rainbow, makers of Piano Wizard, appears to have found that magical fusion. They are enthusiastically dedicated to bring FUN piano practice software to the marketplace — thanks to a sound product concept and design environment.

Chris Salter, the founder of Allegro Rainbow, declares, “Piano Wizard represents a significant shift in the way we introduce music to kids as well as adults, with many people thinking that it simply can’t be done, or conversely, that they have seen this before. Because of these perceptions, we knew we [had to] let people see for themselves that the gateways to music are now wide open for everyone.”

You should know that Piano Wizard isn’t the only piano practice software in the marketplace. There are at least 10 or more alternatives to choose from including Teach Me Piano, Piano Suite Premier, and Instant Play Piano. Notwithstanding, none of these are in fact video games, but are educational software focussed on teaching skills – not so much of the keep-them-glued magic of Piano Wizard. Teach Me Piano includes some games “on the side”, but they are not a main element of their program. So, in reality Allegro Rainbow has led the way by joining piano instruction with gaming software.

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Bazzini Super Colossal Pistachios
Only the largest California pistachios are chosen, then roasted in small batches and lightly salted to bring out their mouth-watering flavor. (5-lb Bag).

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What it Takes to Be #1 with Audio CD and FREE DVD
Lombardi! Perhaps no single word in the English language communicates such strong visions of Excellence, Discipline, Commitment and, of course, Winning. Even after his passing in 1970, his famous speech, What it Takes to Be #1, has continued to inspire and motivate countless numbers of people. The Lombardi Philosophy transcends football. His powerful words capture the fundamentals of success – in any sport, any business or in any life.